Chrono Clash System





From the mind of renowned American game designer, Ryan Miller, comes Chrono Clash System.
The cost of the card moves the marker towards the opponent's side, and when it goes over 1, then it's your opponent's turn!
Play many low cost cards or play a high cost card from the get-go. Play your favorite cards whenever you want in this dynamic but easy to play game!

Player 1's Turn

Player 2's Turn

Game image

Utilizing the universal Chrono Clash system, the universes and characters used will draw in players of card games, board games and each respective universe's fans alike!

Ryan Miller
Game Designer :
Ryan Miller

A 20-year veteran in the gaming industry, including ten years in Wizard of the Coast's R&D department, Ryan Miller has worked on numerous renowned games, including:

  • -Duel Masters lead designer
  • -Magic the Gathering : Commander Decks design team
  • -Magic the Gathering : M13 Set design team
  • -Magic the Gathering : Future Sight Set design team
  • -Magic the Gathering : Planechase design team
  • -Kaijudo Lead designer
  • -Tokyo Ghoul designer and many more...

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